The PRA scores rib on a 10 point scale. The overall score is a composite of the prime rib, all other food served, the cost, the service, and the atmosphere. Any score above 5 is acceptable. A 6 is fair and a 7 is very good. An 8 is great and a 9 is excellent. A 10 is perfect. Because of the time-sensitive nature of roasting, time of day is important to a rib score, so all times are included with the score. Although the times are included, the score is independent of time.

July 2009:

2009-07-25 (Saturday) 5:30pm:
Tournament Players Club in Snoqualmie (Rib 10/10; Overall 9.5/10) [PHOTOS]

2009-07-10 (Friday) 8:30pm:
The British Pantry in Redmond (Rib 8/10; Overall 9/10) [PHOTOS] *Guest Judge Wes Buckingham


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